Your presentation was engaging, and your content was highly relevant and valuable to me as a small business person. I appreciated the way your format facililated our learning!

COSE Small Business Conference workshop participant

Your website planning class for Bad Girl Ventures gave me lots of pertinent information for developing my web tools! And the energy you both brought to the morning was contagious. Thank you!

Natalie Bauman, CEO & Founder, The Digital Mosaic

I loved being able to bring our members the kind of high value content media schmedia presents. At their workshops for HRCC, Halle and Benjamin raised attendees’ awareness of the importance of communicating authentically, and opened their vision to how everything, everything, everything a business does is connected to brand. Our members came away with real tools with which to focus more deeply on their brands and connect with their customers in a thoughtfully unified way.

Angie Pohlman, former Executive Director, Heights-Hillcrest Regional Chamber of Commerce